What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea Pig Diet:

To guarantee that your cavy carries on a long, glad and prosperous life it is basic that your cavy keeps a sound eating regimen. A regular guinea pig diet comprises of new water, feed, pellets, nutrient C and some new vegetables.

Nutrient C:

There are a couple of ways that your cavy gets Vitamin C. Guinea Pigs get Vitamin C from eating new vegetables and pellets; anyway this may not be sufficient. Guinea Pigs need around 10-30 mg of Vitamin C consistently to forestall getting scurvy. In the event that you feel that your guinea pig isn’t getting enough Vitamin C through their ordinary eating regimen than we suggest giving them a little measurements of fluid nutrient C, or separate a little chewable nutrient C tablet and feed it to them straightforwardly.

It is significant not to blend Vitamin C (or any enhancements, or drugs) in with the guinea pigs water. Nutrient C will change the kind of the water and guinea pigs won’t drink it. Moreover, on the off chance that they do drink it, they may not drink enough of it.

New Water:

Change the water every day, renew with new virus water; water from the fixture turns out great. You need to stay away from refined water, water with an excessive amount of calcium in it and water with a high mineral substance. The most ideal approach to supply the water is by utilizing a vertical hanging water jug to forestall spills and defilement.


Guinea Pig Food ought to be put away in a little earthenware, hard plastic bowl or in a little food stockpiling canister explicitly intended for little creatures. It is suggested that guinea pig food gets changed day by day and the bowl is cleaned every day too. Thus it is a great idea to have 2-3 dishes for day by day recharging.

While choosing the legitimate nourishment for your cavy read the fixings cautiously. Search for a guinea pig pellet food that has nutrient C in it, and maintain a strategic distance from nourishments with a high measure of corn. Regularly a cavy ought to eat 1/8 of a cup of pellets daily (check the bundle for suggested serving sizes) alongside feed and a few vegetables. Food ought to be put away in a cool dim spot for appropriate protection of newness.

Most guinea pig pellets are principally hay which is incredible for youthful guinea pigs, and pregnant guinea pigs. When your cavy has arrived at a year old changing to Timothy pellets is a smart thought as it is lower in calcium which will forestall any issues with urinary-plot contaminations.


A sufficient measure of roughage ought to consistently be given consistently and is useful for guinea pigs, all things considered. Roughage is definitely not a substitute for pellets, and pellets are not a substitute for feed. Roughage is fundamental to the eating regimen of a guinea pig since it causes them normally digest their food better, increment their fiber allow and diminish urinary-plot contaminations. A basic wire rack can be utilized to house the roughage in the guinea pig confine.

There are two principle kinds of Hay; hay feed which is incredible for youthful guinea pigs and malnourished, pregnant and additionally nursing cavy’s and timothy feed which is best for grown-up guinea pigs. Hay has a high measure of calcium so it should just be given to grown-up guinea pigs once in for a little while as a treat.


Probably the greatest foundation in your guinea pigs diet is new vegetables. Cavies ought to gradually be acquainted with new vegetables (to keep away from stomach related issues), when cavies know about vegetables you can begin to blend an assortment of them into your cavy’s eating routine.

Vegetables that guinea pigs can eat:

Romaine lettuce, green and red pepper, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, melon, dandelion greens, corn husks, clover, and some more.

This is only a short rundown of the vegetables your cavy can eat, yet be imaginative there are a lot more that are not on this rundown that your guinea pig may truly appreciate. It’s significant that the vegetables you serve your guinea pig are new; don’t give them ruined/shriveled nourishments.

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